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JenFab Industrial Parts Washer

JenFab Top Load Parts Washers

JenFab/JRI Top Load Parts Washers are perfect for cellular washing or for those installations that need a high value-added cleaning process in a small space. JenFab/JRI offers top loaders ranging in size from a 21” turntable to 72” turntable as standard models with weight capacities from 500 lbs. to 1,500 lbs, and up to 120” turntable on custom washers.

Available standard with vertical pumps, mechanical door seals, sprocket drive system, (as opposed to troublesome tire or chain drive systems) and industrial electrical controls. These systems can include stainless steel construction options, rinse stages, and blow-off stages.

Choose from our standard configuration or request information on our custom units. As a custom application, these diverse machines can be designed with a turntable as large as needed and weight capacities to match. The turntable can even be indexed for robotic load and unload.

JRI’s Top Load Parts Washers

Jenfab Front Load Parts Washers

JenFab/JRI Front Load Parts Washers provide precision cleaning and reliability that makes these Precision Cleaning Systems a keystone in the world of cabinet cleaning systems.

Choose from one of the most diverse product offerings in the marketplace with over 17 standard models to choose from, and custom units with turntable diameters up to 120” and weight capacities up to 50,000 pounds.

JenFab Conveyor Belts & Automated Pass Through Washers

JenFab/JRI Pass Through Parts Washers are best suited for mass production of like parts that require parts washing. The Jenfab Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt Washer can be designed for your specific application to provide multiple rinses, blow-off or heated dry zones, and rust inhibiting features. Parts are loaded at one end by either hand or fed by a conveyor belt, washed and rinsed if necessary, and then offloaded and transported to the next stages of production. Mini Belt, Mid-size Belt, Large Belt, and Drum & Belt Combo models are available.

JenFab Conveyor Belt Washer
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